Case Study: The Foundry

When The Foundry Cinema & Bowl came to Winter Park, they approached O2 Creative with an interesting task: build a brand from scratch. We welcomed the opportunity (we're kind of dorks like that) ... Read More >

The New Office!

Yes, we have moved! After spending most of the long weekend packing and unpacking, we are finally settling into the new space. Our location is now 345 Zerex Street, on the corner of Highway 40 and ... Read More >

Goodbye, little cabin office…

This is a transitional time in O2 Creative. For those who haven’t heard, we’re moving! This is the last week in our quaint little cabin office. Since 2009 we have operated at 208 Eisenhower, ... Read More >

Livin’ the Pug Life

At O2 Creative, we're animal lovers. Anyone who has ever visited us in the O2 office quickly realizes one thing - the dogs are in charge here. Wylie, Sophie, and Thumbelina roam throughout our ... Read More >

O2 on the Longboard

The Fraser Valley is for boarders. Obviously, in the winter, there are multitudes of snowboarders up here, sure. (Skiers, too!) But summertime boarding in the valley usually refers to another ... Read More >

O2 Culture – an introduction

At O2 Creative, we’re all about the most innovative ideas in marketing and design. We take our jobs very seriously, and strive for professional excellence. We work hard. With that said – we play ... Read More >

Web design

When should your business redesign its website? That can depend on several things. Does your current site look contemporary and professional? Is it intuitive and simple for visitors to navigate? Is ... Read More >