Digital vs. Print Media

Digital vs. Print Media Nowadays, consumers are exposed to digital media at least as much as print. The growing prevalence of smart phones and tablets, and the wireless networks that connect them, ... Read More >

SEO – what it is, and what it does

We’ve had more and more questions lately about search engine optimization, or SEO. What is it? How does it work? What does it afford me and my website? The answers to these questions can get pretty ... Read More >

The importance of mobile websites

How many folks access the Internet on mobile devices? Quite a few, actually, and the numbers continue to grow. Experts predict that by 2014, more people will surf the 'net on mobile devices than on ... Read More >

O2 Creative’s new brand logo!

At O2 Creative, we’re always trying to keep things fresh. New concepts, new perspectives, new designs, and new ideas are just another day in the life for us. We’re constantly trying to push the ... Read More >