Livin’ the Pug Life

At O2 Creative, we’re animal lovers. Anyone who has ever visited us in the O2 office quickly realizes one thing – the dogs are in charge here. Wylie, Sophie, and Thumbelina roam throughout our office, setting the professional tone for the workday. From early Monday until late Friday, the pups are in the office, regardless of rain, wind, snow, sleet, sickness, or even a bad hair day.

Wylie Fro, pug life

The morning usually begins by responding to lots of important emails.

Thumbelina checking her work email

They eagerly await the arrival of clients, business contacts, and FedEx deliveries. Well, they’re mostly just eager for the FedEx guy, because he gives them treats.

Is that FedEx? Treats…

They stay so busy, there’s no time at all to get out of the office. Well…okay, maybe there’s just enough time for a nice walk…

Who’s ready for a walk?

But they can’t walk for too long. Gotta get back to the office – they have to sit in on lots of important meetings.


The pooch’s greatest professional strength would have to be their teamwork abilities. They put their heads together to tackle some of the biggest group projects…like napping (which is coincidentally another professional strength of theirs).


At this point, perhaps you’re thinking all this puppy in the office business is silly – that it’s not actually hard work, it’s just the proverbial piece of cake…


But, we assure you, these pups all take their jobs very  seriously. It’s all stone-faced business as usual. Does Wylie look like he’s joking around?


To meet these pups in person, stop by and say hello at the O2 Creative office. You can also follow Pugs and Buggs on Facebook.

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