The “Leaving Planet Earth” Sticker Campaign

At O2 Creative, we have a lot of hometown pride. We consider it a privilege to live and work in the Fraser Valley, with its beautiful mountain landscapes, endless activities, and quirky bohemian charm.

We thought the town’s iconic “Leaving Planet Earth” city limits sign was such a fun way to express the unique Fraser lifestyle. In many ways, this town really is “out of this world.”

Fraser, CO - Leaving Planet Earth

We were a little bummed when the Leaving Planet Earth signs were recently removed from the city limits signage. (Whyyy!?) We wanted our town’s extraterrestrial reputation to live on either way, so we designed these fun stickers to keep the sign alive.

Perhaps you’ve seen them around by now. The big green stickers are popping up more and more on car bumpers, snowboards, guitar cases, and all the other fun places stickers get stuck.


We wanted to get a little more out of this particular campaign, though. We wanted the stickers to do more than simply represent our community. We hope to give something back to the community as well.

That’s why we’re taking a unique direction with this campaign. We’re offering the stickers for just $3 bucks a piece. Or, simply bring non-perishable food items into the O2 office (you know, canned goods – soups, tuna, peanut butter – stuff like that). For every food item you bring in, we’ll give you a sticker for it!

All the proceeds we can raise and all the food we can collect will be going to our friends at the Mountain Family Center in Hot Sulphur Springs. This nonprofit organization provides food and help to Grand County residents. Their services are invaluable to our communities, and they could always use more support themselves, which is why we hope to help them with our sticker campaign.

In fact, if you’re already closer to the Hot Sulphur Springs-side of the county, you can simply stop by the Mountain Family Center to support them. They even have some of our Leaving Planet Earth stickers, so if you make any donations or canned food contributions directly to them, you’ll still get hooked up with a sweet sticker! While supplies last!

We like to have fun with our campaigns. We also like to help out a good cause in our community. So if you want to score a super cool sticker that represents our hometown, while also supporting and strengthening our community, stop by O2 Creative today.


We’re located in downtown Fraser at 345 Zerex Street, in our new (to us) office on the corner of Eisenhower and Highway 40. If you pay us a visit, we’d be happy to hook you up. Or, if you’re out of the area, we can mail you stickers as well. Simply send us a check made out to O2 Creative, as well as a self-addressed and stamped envelope, to:

O2 Creative
PO Box 1349
Winter Park, CO 80482

You can also contact us by phone at 970-726-8021, or email us at [email protected]

You can do it to support the Mountain Family Center, and all the folks in Grand County who depend on them. Or you can do it just for the stickers. Either way, just “doo eet!”

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