O2 Creative’s new brand logo!

At O2 Creative, we’re always trying to keep things fresh. New concepts, new perspectives, new designs, and new ideas are just another day in the life for us. We’re constantly trying to push the limits for both our clients and ourselves. We strive for a spirit of innovation, and avoid simply reworking the same old tricks.

That’s why we’ve recently decided to rebrand ourselves.

(Considering we spend so much time thinking up new branding for so many other businesses, we thought it was only appropriate to give ourselves a new look as well.)

With our new logo, we went with a design we think is clean, cool, and one-of-a-kind, just like everything else about O2 Creative. We hope you like it, because we sure do.

We want a brand to be unique and recognizable, as individual as the company it represents. We look for branding designs that are contemporary without just being trendy; timeless without being dated; something that will make folks stop and wonder, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

We believe every business should stop and revisit their brand identity every now and then. A well-executed rebranding can improve a business’s presence within its market. It can generate attention from new audiences while also revitalizing the interest of existing customers. And it can ultimately refresh a business’s identity to help it move onto bigger and better things.

If you’re a new startup that is trying to establish an identity, or an existing operation that is thinking it’s time for an updated look, let us know. We’d love to help you design a brand that is sure to make your presence known in your market and your community. And since it’s coming from the clever folks at O2 Creative, you know your new brand is going to be original and exclusive, instantly recognizable yet unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

In other words, we’re all about the freshest, most exceptional brand designs. Because cookie cutters are for baking, not branding.



To the left is our new logo, which is the one representing us going forward. For reference, our old logo is to the right, which you still may see around from time to time. It has served us well, but over time we decided it wasn’t quite as identifiable as we wanted it to be, and ultimately agreed it was time for a crisper design.

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