The WordPress Jetpack

This week’s post is yet another in our series of WordPress tutorials. Our last tutorial post explained all the editing features on your WordPress kitchen sink. This week, we’ll be discussing another powerful feature of your WordPress website: the Jetpack.

To put it plainly, the Jetpack is a plugin that should already appear on the back end of your WordPress website. If you login to your site, you should see a link to your Jetpack on the left side of your Dashboard.


If you click the Jetpack link on the left, it will prompt the Jetpack menu of options.


The Jetpack screen displays a whole list of useful features, all of which can be activated and configured on this screen. These features offer various tools and functions to use on your WordPress website. Many of the features are free, though some of them are available for purchase.

For instance, you can activate a “ Stats” feature that will allow you to analyze your site’s statistics (you know, your site’s page views, top posts & pages, clicks, subscribers, referrers, and other such info).


If you click “Configure” you’ll be directed to the administrative side of the Stats feature:


If you click “Learn More,” you’ll prompt a screen that briefly explains the feature, and also provides a link to view your website’s statistics.


Once you click that link to view your stats dashboard, you’ll be provided interactive graphs, stats, and other insightful info about your website.


Of course, the Stats feature is just one of the many useful features on your WordPress Jetpack. For instance, the “Subscriptions” feature allows you to easily install a button that appears on your blog’s sidebar, which easily allows any visitor to subscribe to your blog via email. Another useful Jetpack feature, the “Sharing” feature, allows you to activate buttons on your blog that will allow visitors to easily share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms of your choice.

This is just a brief overview of the WordPress Jetpack. If you have any questions about the Jetpack, or any other questions about your WordPress website, feel free to contact us!

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