The rap on vehicle wraps

Have you seen a wrapped vehicle around town lately? Odds are you have – it’s difficult to miss them!

Grand Lake Brewing’s wrapped truck, designed by O2

Aptly named, a vehicle wrap is a custom design printed on special vinyl material. This vinyl is precision-cut and expertly applied, or “wrapped,” to the exact dimensions of a particular vehicle. Vinyl wraps cover every little corner and curve of the vehicle so perfectly that it’s often mistaken for a custom paint job.

A vinyl wrap is better than a custom paint job, though, in several ways. It’s much less expensive, it’s easier to apply, it actually protects your paint job underneath, and the vinyl can be easily removed or changed if you ever decide to change the colors or graphics on your vehicle.

O2 Creative also designed this truck wrap for Grand Lake Plumbing.

What sorts of colors and graphics are available, you ask? Well, just about anything! We can design a wrap that includes your logos, taglines, contact info, colors, images, or whatever else you’d like on your vehicle. Yup, that’s right – we can turn your vehicle into an eye-catching advertisement on wheels! Everywhere your vehicle goes, so will the promotional power of your distinctive vehicle wrap. Few other advertisements can organically create attention as well as a vehicle wrap.

We’re big proponents of using vehicle wraps as promotions, too. A vehicle wrap is an advertisement that goes everywhere you go! It’s a great way to gain brand awareness and generate buzz within a community. A wrap is always working for you, even when your vehicle is parked. Vehicle wraps get you noticed!

O2-designed trailer wrap for our friends at Rocky Mountain Catastrophe

And by “vehicle wrap,” we mean just about any sort of vehicle – cars, trucks, vans, trailers, you name it! We can professionally wrap a single vehicle, or an entire fleet. We are also able to create partial wraps or individual graphics as well. Your wrap can be as simple as a logo displayed on your door, or as extensive as a complete wrap that creates a whole new look for your vehicle.

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If you or your business is interested in vehicle wraps, contact O2 Creative today. Give us a call at 970-726-8021, or email us at [email protected].