Thumbelina for Grand Dog!

One of the O2 office dogs, Thumbelina, is running for Grand Dog!

Thumb’s campaigning to be Grand Dog!

That’s right. Philip and Eric’s Boston Terrier-pug mix (a “bugg”) is campaigning to be Grand Dog of Grand County Pet Pals.

What’s Grand County Pet Pals? Well, it’s a non-profit here in Grand County that advocates for responsible pet ownership. The organization helps the Grand County animal shelter with its neutering and spaying program, and works to raise funds and help in other various ways.

The Grand Dog contest is one such fundraiser, which helps to support Grand County Pet Pals as well as Advocates for a Violence-Free Community. Dogs (or other pets) may campaign to win the title of Grand Dog, with one dollar equaling one vote.

That’s where Thumb comes in: she wants to be Grand Dog, and she wants your vote! Click here to go vote for Thumbelina on the Grand County Pet Pals website!

Thumbelina even has her own Facebook page to help her campaign for Grand Dog. Click here to go like Thumbelina For Grand Dog on Facebook!

The campaign is actually a lot of fun, and it’s generating support for a great cause. And besides, how can you say no to Thumb’s cute little face?

Pweeease vote me for Grand Dog!

To meet Thumbelina, or her pug siblings Wylie and Sophie, stop by the O2 Creative office some time!

Thumb, Wylie, and Sophie take their napping very seriously.

For more questions about the Grand Dog contest, or Thumb, or anything else O2, contact us today!

To contact O2 Creative, give us a call at 970-726-8021 or email [email protected].

Vote for Thumb!

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