The Popularity of Pinterest

Popularity of Pinterest

Pinterest is among the fastest growing social media platforms these days, and marketers have taken notice. We at O2 Creative have been learning more and more about this cool site every day – we even have our own Pinterest page!


So what is Pinterest, anyway?

Pinterest is primarily an image-based content site, in the sense that it focuses mainly on users sharing images. Users can post, or “pin,” images that have been uploaded or linked from a website. A user’s main Pinterest page is a “pin feed” that chronologically displays the activities from other “boards” a user follows. The pins include links back to the original page or website, which is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Users even have the option of notifying Facebook or Twitter friends when they post new content to their Pinterest page.

Users have “boards” where their pins are located. Users can have multiple boards for various topics or themes. Users can browse, like, and comment on each other’s boards and pins, and “re-pin” each other’s content.

O2 Creative’s own Pinterest page, complete with boards about design, marketing, and of course – food!

Users can search for various topics as well. For example, a user could search for “potatoes” in pins and find photos of potatoes, links about potatoes, potato recipes, potato growing, or potato articles, all from other Pinterest users. Or, users can search boards for potatoes and see and find boards that other users have made about potatoes.

As Pinterest grows, the opportunities for businesses to market themselves on Pinterest do as well. Businesses can create business pages on Pinterest, and the image-driven content is great for showcasing your products or services. You can include other useful info as well, such as prices, promotions, and other advertisements and business news. Many businesses, especially retailers, have enjoyed success on Pinterest. Businesses can even launch products and influence trends with an optimally managed account.

So what can a Pinterest page do for YOUR business? A lot of that depends on what sort of products or services you offer, your market and industry, and other factors. But odds are, a Pinterest page can be an innovative new way to market your business. So if Pinterest interests you, contact us today! We’d love to sit down and discuss how to get the most out of marketing for you on Pinterest – and other social media, too!

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Now if you’ll please excuse us, we’re going to go try this new recipe for potato soup we just found…

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