The business of business cards

Business card design and printing

What small card plays a big role for virtually every business? It’s the business card! (Aptly named, right?) Actually, business cards are critical to building and maintaining a market presence for all sorts of businesses.

O2-designed business cards, complete with logos, graphics, and Yetis!

Business cards are convenient. Usually no larger than 2 inches by 3.5 inches, these little guys can go just about anywhere – wallets, pockets, bulletin boards, countertop displays…you get the idea. They’re one of the fastest, easiest, most professional ways to share your business information to clients, partners, and prospects alike. And you’ll never know when or where you’ll have to share your business card with a new contact – don’t go anywhere without ’em!

Business cards do wonders for networking. You can easily exchange all sorts of contact info, from your phone number and email to your website and social media pages. Nowadays you can even include high-tech features, such as QR codes, that can direct smart phones to even more information about you and your business.

Business cards also play a distinctive role in advertising. A well-designed card that includes your business’s branding, logo, and other identifiable images and info will make you stand out when you share them with your contacts. They’re a crucial step forward in building brand awareness and market presence as you maintain and grow your business.

Did we say well-designed? That’s where things get real interesting. Business card design has grown leaps and bounds since the days of boring little black-and-white rectangles. There are virtually endless cool new ways to design a business card, including any number of colors, graphics, fonts, tag lines, shapes, sizes, or even unique materials from which to choose.

For instance, you could choose a card made out of colorful translucent plastic, like the ones we designed for our friends at The Foundry…
…to even a distinctive wood-grain veneer, like the cards we created for Tabernash Tavern…
…or even a thicker, multi-layered material, complete with your business’s logo uniquely stamped onto each one, like our own business cards.

The point is, even business card design should be clever and creative. Business cards can do more than simply exchange contact info. They create great first impressions and they help your business stand out in your market. They also bolster brand awareness, especially when your business card incorporates the same logos and branding as your other marketing media.


If your business needs new business cards, or if you would simply like to redesign your old business cards, contact O2 Creative today. We can work with you to design truly distinctive cards that will reflect the personality of your business and really separate you from the rest of the crowd.

To contact O2 Creative, give us a call at 970-726-8021 or email info@o2creative. Or, just stop by our office some time, and we’ll give you one of our business cards!

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