Facebook free market changes

Goodbye to Facebook’s Free Market

Facebook’s changes and what they mean for your business’ or organization’s Facebook page.

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Mark Zuckerberg is at it again! Changing Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm to satisfy users and make it more difficult for Facebook page managers to promote their messages to fans…

Why? At the core, Facebook is actually listening to users. And props to them. After all, that is what Facebook is all about right? Creating community, encouraging engagement, and having conversations.

With Facebook Pages becoming so popular for businesses and organizations, users are being bombarded with newsfeed posts encouraging them to, ‘purchase this, support that, like this, enter this sweepstake…’  It must be exhausting, (#FirstWorldProblem).

In all seriousness, Facebook has decided to begin regulating page posts in order to keep their users, (who ultimately determine Facebook’s long-term success), happy and engaged. With so many social media sites, competing for users’ ‘selfies’ and food pics, Facebook is smart to do whatever they can to improve user experience.


What it means for your business’ or organization’s Facebook page:

To put it simply, if you don’t play within Facebook’s new rules you can expect your posts to take a hit.

The “golden rule” for Facebook Pages:

  1. Remember what Facebook is all about. CONNECTING. Connecting people, creating communities, encouraging engagement and having conversations.

Doesn’t sound too bad right? It shouldn’t be. If you keep Facebook’s mission at the heart of all of your day-to-day page management your page should fair well.

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Some tips:

  1. Post content that is of value to your fans
  2. Get conversations going
  3. Share the wealth. Share community articles, other organization’s successes, etc.
  4. Promote your business/organization when your fans will find it useful
  5. Throw Facebook a bone – Once in awhile pay to promote a post that is successful (Facebook ‘appreciates’ that)
  1. Most importantly, develop a relationship with your fans – listen to them, communicate with them, etc. The more engaged your fans are, the more likely Facebook will be to post your page’s content on their page.

Is this bad?

It’s not bad, just less convenient for you.

Before you get too frustrated with these changes, take a step back.

Facebook pages are free, they drive traffic to our websites, e-newsletters, blogs, and other social media sites, they’re mobile friendly, and allow our fans to advocate and promote our businesses/organizations. Not too shabby for a free platform.


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