O2 on the river

We at O2 love to spend time outdoors. We’ve written about our hiking, camping, and even skiing adventures on here previously. We’re avid fishermen as well, and enjoy every chance we get to get out on the water.

We’ve even had the pleasure of writing about fly-fishing here in Colorado’s Favorite Playground (don’t worry, it still sucks). When members of the O2 team were invited to join an early-season float trip on the upper Colorado over a recent weekend, we jumped at the opportunity.


The warm spring weather was just enough to melt the ice off the river and provide the flowing water sufficient to float. More than sufficient, actually – the river was running rather high and fast, with a stained muddy color unusual for this time of year.

While the river was fast, the fishing was slow. Unfortunate, but not surprising (after all, if you caught fish every time you went fishing, they’d call it catching instead, right?)

No less, the trip was still thoroughly enjoyable. The early spring weather was splendid; the scenery, spectacular. High country cliffs and canyons carved by the Colorado; rolling hills strewn with sagebrush; grassy meadows crawling with wildlife…heck, why write about it? They say a picture tells a thousand words, so we’ll just let some photos tell the story for us:




Oh yeah, and like we said – WILDLIFE! We ran into a group of bighorns:


Floated by under the watchful eye of an eagle:


And saw herd after countless herd of deer:


All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed a fabulous first float of the season. Here’s to hoping it won’t be the last. (And here’s to hoping we’ll catch some more fish next time!)

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