O2 on the slopes

In case it hasn’t already been blatantly obvious – we at O2 are ski bums at heart. When we’re not hard at work in the office during the winter months, you can probably find us out on the slopes.

Jaryd and Brad enjoying some opening day runs!

We’re excited that the Winter Park Resort has already opened. We’ll be enjoying many a weekend up there from now until April. In fact, we even had the privilege of getting out for a few runs on opening day!

We think Winter Park’s “Season of Seven Terrains” is a pretty nifty promotional campaign. For the record – Jaryd loves the Eagle Wind, Brad and Eric are all about Mary Jane, and Philip likes the good ol’ Winter Park side. We’re excited about the new Cirque Sled Pass as well – we’re looking forward to exploring some of the resort’s far-reaching terrain!

Powder day at Mary Jane!

We’re also excited about skiing Granby Ranch this year. We’ve always enjoyed the less crowded, more laid-back feel of this smaller resort. Plus, we love to get out there on Friday and Saturday nights for Granby Ranch’s night skiing – always a good time!

Granby Ranch night skiing
Night ski time at Granby Ranch!

We like to get out and ski together, whenever we get the chance. Eric and Jaryd are snowboarders. Brad likes to ski. Philip…well, as far as we can tell, Philip mostly just likes to start the après-ski as early as possible.

You’ll find us all over the mountain, especially on a powder day, though we each have our own unique styles. Eric enjoys shredding the rails in the freestyle parks. Philip is a groomer kind of guy. Jaryd likes exploring the trees. And Brad recently decided that only skiing forwards is only skiing at half his potential, so he is currently learning how to “switch” ski (which is just a fancy term for skiing backwards). So if you see a goofball in red ski pants bombing down the slopes backwards, there’s a good chance it’s him.

We love skiing for a whole boatload of reasons. It’s a good workout, and a fun way to spend time outdoors in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. We like to strike up conversations with new friends on the lifts. And, being the right-brained creative types that we are, we even try to gain inspiration from everything about the ski experience – from the sparkle of fresh snowflakes, to the rugged mountainous terrains, to the colorful jackets and ski apparel around the resorts.

So if you ever see us out and about, stop and say hi! Ski a few runs with us! Meet up with us for a little après-ski! Just don’t you dare tell Brad he’s doing it backwards.

Mary Jane photo credit: Winter Park Facebook

Night Ski photo credit:

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