O2 at Gears & Beers

We’re avid bikers at O2. We’ve even written about this before.


That’s why we’re excited for this weekend’s Gears & Beers enduro race at Granby Ranch.


We raced in the previous Gears & Beers event, which was so much fun we’re racing again tomorrow. Plus, it’s the last race of the season. Join O2 at Gears & Beers tomorrow!

O2’s Jaryd riding the cross-country trails at Granby Ranch

The race consists of three different stages. Stage 1 is an uphill climb beginning at the base of Granby Ranch, climbing up a cross-country trail (exhausting), then a downhill ride back to the base. Stage 2 involves a ride up the lift to a tough traverse across the resort’s most technical cross-country trails, with lots of riding over rocks and through narrow forests. Stage 3 is a speedy downhill sprint, which really tests your balance – and your brakes. The race is an exciting challenge and an exercise in personal endurance (hence the name “enduro” race).

Downhill Jaryd!

Of course, Gears & Beers wouldn’t be complete without…well, beers. The entry fee includes a burger and a beer after stage 3. And trust us, you earn every calorie!

The gears…and the beers.

For the mountain biking ladies, Granby Ranch is also hosting a “She-MTB” women’s bike clinic tomorrow too. All in all it stands to be yet another fun weekend of mountain biking at the Ranch, especially since the fall colors are in full effect.

Autumn aspens on the bike trails at Granby Ranch

It’s all part of the enjoyment of living in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. After a hard week’s work in the office, we love to get out and have some fun biking. Or camping. Or fishing. Or just playing with the dogs (p.s. there’s still time to vote Thumbelina for Grand Dog!)

What’s your weekend plans?

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