O2 around the campsite

You probably already know us O2 guys as the adventuresome mountain types. We’re often out and about in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. Especially in the summer months, you can find us fishing, or rafting, or even longboarding. But did you know we also love to get out camping as well?


Yup, that’s right. We’ve been out camping a lot lately, and with several weeks of summer still ahead of us, we hope to get out even more. Philip and Eric recently got a sweet new camper as well, which brings a whole new dimension to the camping experience. Actually, Philip and Eric affectionately refer to their camping style as glamour camping, or “glamping,” if you will.


Of course, when Philip and Eric go camping, they bring the whole family along. Jacob loves to explore the campsites!


Even the pugs and buggs come camping too.


You know the adorable puppy and Grand Dog candidate, Thumbelina…


…and Wylie, who enjoys the quality time relaxing by the campfire…


…and Sophie too. Though sadly, Sophie isn’t always the happiest camper…


Brad likes camping as well, and enjoys backpacking into some secluded backcountry campsites around Colorado. Indeed, Brad can carry an entire campsite’s worth of ultralight equipment on his back.


(Oh, and remember Brad’s late-season backpacking trip last autumn?)


Jaryd likes to camp too. He particularly enjoys getting off the beaten path to find some room to roam with his dog Roscoe.


All in all, camping is part of the fun of living in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. If you have any good camping stories of your own, please feel free to share! Get in touch with us at O2!

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