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Business Sign Designed in Colorado

For most businesses, proper signage is one of the most important elements of marketing. Signs create an identity and a presence for a business. They’re critical for building brand awareness. And, all things considered, business signs are actually one of the more affordable marketing initiatives a business can pursue.

In many ways, a good sign is your business’s identity. Signs let everyone know who you are and what you do. They get you noticed and make your business more familiar to your customers.

O2 Creative Fraser Colorado
O2 Creative’s own sign, hanging big and bright over downtown Fraser, Colorado. Award winning advertising agency.

Business signs define your presence in your market. A sharp, professional, well-executed sign communicates to your customers that you’re a sharp, professional, well-executed business. Conversely, if your sign looks dated, cheap, or just cheesy, then your customers will think the same about you. And perhaps worst of all – if your business doesn’t even have a sign, then your market may not even know you exist!

Signs are also invaluable as promotional tools. For instance, a sign that includes your logo helps to build your brand and reinforce your market presence. Signs can convey important information, including info about your products, services, taglines, contact info, or other news and information.

Fraser Valley Hot Dog business signs
O2 Creative-designed outdoor signage for our friends at Fraser Valley Hot Dog

Signs are always working for you as well. They’re there 24/7 to keep your business fresh in the minds of customers. Even if customers don’t have an immediate need for your products or services, the constant exposure of your business sign will help them to think of you when they are ready to do business.

Indeed, proper business signage is an important part of a business’s overall marketing efforts. Signs are among the most cost-effective marketing efforts in the long run as well. Sure, a good sign will probably cost you, depending on how fancy you get. But signs are a one-time purchase that can provide years of effective marketing.

When you compare the cost of a sign to the ongoing costs of other marketing efforts, signage actually starts to look like a bargain. Whether customers see your sign for the first time and impulsively stop in, or eventually visit your business after noticing your sign over time, signs provide great return-on-investment either way.

The Foundry Cinema & Bowl exterior signage
Oversized backlit sign designed for The Foundry Cinema and Bowl, Winter Park, Colorado, Sign Designer, O2 Creative

So where can you get good business signs? Well, not to toot our own horn, but we can design some of the coolest signs around! We can work with virtually any business and any budget to create indoor and outdoor signs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. We can design signs for any building, location, or event. Heck, we can even put signs on your car! We’ll help you create a sign that helps to establish your market presence and represents the identity of your business.

Give us a call today at 970-726-8021 or email us at [email protected].

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