A year in the new O2 office

It’s officially been a year in the new O2 office. (A whole year? Where does the time go?!)

If you recall, a year ago we moved from the little cabin office on the one end of Eisenhower…

O2's old cabin office
The old cabin office, pictured here with our old logo on the building (the new logo sign is actually in the window)

…to the bigger corner office on the other end.

Inside the new O2 office

So far, the new office has been everything we hoped for. It’s bigger, which gives us more space for creative projects and meetings with clients. It’s more comfortable, with our large meeting table and lounge area complete with couch. The corner location has also yielded us more walk-in traffic. The office’s interior is more colorful too, with our office walls painted the standard-issue O2 green.

The office has served us well over the seasons. We made it through the Rocky Mountain winter, though not without plenty of icicles.


Summer has been a different story. To stay cool, we’ve kept our door and windows open during the warmer months. However, whenever a breeze blows through the office, the ceiling tiles and light panels will move and shift with the wind. It’s quite a strange occurrence…especially when one of the lights fell!

The office was prone to getting toasty, especially during June and July. At one point Philip and Eric brought in a small air conditioning unit, which kept things a little cooler. Brad nicknamed the air conditioner R2D2, though we’re not sure why.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

The office even endured a lightning strike recently. While quietly working one day we were interrupted by a deafening BOOM, which instantaneously took out the power in the office, and also took out the office printer. No worries though – we were back up and running by the next business day.

Overall, the first year in our new office has been great for us. Everyone has enjoyed the space, particularly the pugs, who especially like lounging on the couch.


Here’s to many more years to come!

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The New Office!

Yes, we have moved! After spending most of the long weekend packing and unpacking, we are finally settling into the new space. Our location is now 345 Zerex Street, on the corner of Highway 40 and Eisenhower in Fraser. Last Tuesday was the first day we were officially open for business in the new location. To celebrate the new office’s grand opening, we felt a toast was in order, so we enjoyed morning mimosas toasted in oh-so-classy red party cups.

Why can’t EVERY week start like this?!

When we began our search for a new office we wanted a better location, more space, and more features. So far, we’ve gotten all that and more.

Our new office affords us a location with even more exposure. We’ve been in downtown Fraser for a while now, but now we’re even that much more downtown. We have a sweet new sign on the awning over our front door, displaying big and bright over Eisenhower. A second sign is also in the works, soon to be displaying right along the highway for all to admire.


The new space also actually has more space. The old cabin office had its charms, but this place feels like it’s at least twice as big. Between the wide room, lots of windows, and more actual square footage, we now have more space to stretch – both our legs, and our ideas.

With our new office comes new everything – new furniture, new decorations, a new coat of bright green paint on the walls, even a new bed for the pups.


Our new space has new features as well. We have a large conference table for important meetings and brainstorm sessions.


We also have a lounge area in the corner, complete with a big cushy couch, for those times when we want a meeting to be a little more comfy.


Indeed, we found our better location, bigger space, and new features. It’s even starting to feel like the office we wanted all along, though we’re still putting some finishing touches on the place. Even though there’s still a little unpacking and decorating to do, the office is just beginning to have that familiar, broken-in sort of feel.

So, now that we’re just getting settled in, we’re pretty sure the only thing our new location is missing is…you! Most importantly, we wanted our new office to be a space we could share. We wanted somewhere for us to sit down and comfortably collaborate with clients and share stories with friends. So seriously – stop by and say hello! (mimosas optional).

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Goodbye, little cabin office…

This is a transitional time in O2 Creative. For those who haven’t heard, we’re moving! This is the last week in our quaint little cabin office. Since 2009 we have operated at 208 Eisenhower, right in downtown Fraser, just a stone’s throw from the train tracks.

This cabin has been more than just an office. It’s been a haven for creativity. It’s been a meeting venue for clients and friends. And it’s been a place for the pugs to snooze, play, and…well, mostly snooze. It’s also been cool to say we work in a cabin, which adds to the mystique of working and living in the mountains.

The old cabin office, pictured here with our old logo on the building (the new logo sign is actually in the window)
The old cabin office, pictured here with our old logo on the building (the new logo sign is actually in the window behind the tree).

This location has served us well, but alas, the time to move has come. O2 as a company has been growing – more clients, more projects, more employees. With all that growing also came the need for more office space as well.

So where will we be moving? Right down the street, actually. The address will be 345 Zerex Street, or more commonly referred to as “that red building on 40 on the corner across from the gas station.” Our front door will still be on the Eisenhower side of the road, so we’ll still be able to hear each and every train that comes through town, but hopefully it won’t be quite as crazy loud as it has been in the cabin.

This is the point in the blog where we’d usually have a photo – in this case, a cool pic of the new office. However, the new place is still getting some finishing touches. We still have a little painting and cleaning. We still need to furnish the space. And we still need to hang our sweet new O2 signs on the signpost and awning. It’s just not very photogenic quite yet. So please wait for a pic of the new place until we’re a little more settled in.

But until then, at least check out our sweet new signs. They’ll be hanging big and bright right over our office in the middle of downtown Fraser…soon!

Our handsome new sign, being held by an even handsomer dude.

We’ll have more space with all-new furnishings, including a lounge-conference area. What better way to do business than while seated comfortably on an overstuffed couch?

But for the time being, we have lots of packing and moving on our agenda, on top of an already busy work schedule. We hope to be all unpacked and settled in by next week. Until then, please look forward to seeing us in our new location, because we sure are looking forward to it.

Just remember – we’ll still be the same O2 Creative either way. We’ll still be located in downtown Fraser, just now even more downtown. We’ll still offer the coolest designs and the cleverest campaigns. And we’ll still have an office full of playful puppies ready to greet anyone who comes in.

So we’d like to invite you to visit our new office. Feel free to stop by and check out the new space, have a sit on our couch, give the pugs a pet. Just please give us a little time to unpack.

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