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Happy Thanksgiving from O2!

Happy Thanksgiving from O2!

The O2 office penguin, all dressed up for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone is able to enjoy a safe and happy holiday complete with family, friends, and lots and lots of pie. As for the O2 team – well, we have a lot of different plans for Turkey Thursday.

Philip and Eric are staying home with the family, where they’re cooking up the full Thanksgiving spread – turkey, vegetables, and of course…pie! Here’s a sneak preview of Philip’s pecan pie on its way to the oven:


Brad is road tripping back to Kansas to spend the holiday with friends, where he plans to make an appearance at no less than three different Thanksgiving feasts. This weekend he’s also attending the wedding of two close friends – so close, in fact, that he’ll be a groomsman in the ceremony! He’s not the best man though, so we think it’s safe to assume he’s probably the worst man, right?

Cynthia has plans to spend Thanksgiving with family in Denver. A feast in the Front Range, fantastic!

Jaryd is sticking around the Fraser Valley for the holiday. He has plans to get in some early season snowboarding at the Winter Park Resort…and who knows, maybe Copper and Steamboat too. He also hopes to attend the celebration for Fraser’s feature on the Travel Channel. That’s right – Fraser’s own Cozens Ranch Museum will be a part of the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” show set to air this Friday, and the Crooked Creek Saloon is hosting a watch party!

All in all, we’re super excited for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a good one. Happy Holidays, friends!

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Dolls for Daughters

O2 is pleased to be a part of the holiday toy drive for Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys.


We initially heard about the Dolls for Daughters organization through our friend at Powder Addiction, Jennifer Harper. Jennifer introduced us to the founder of Dolls for Daughters, Jessica Bachus. Jessica started the organization in memory of her daughter Kenzi, who was stillborn in 2007. Toys for Boys was founded to provide for boys as well. Kenzi’s Kidz was also launched to provide fundamental items for children to succeed in school – anything from school supplies to clothing to toothbrushes.

Since its inception, Dolls for Daughters has continued to grow and make a positive impact on communities. Each year has been increasingly successful: in 2013, over 21,000 new items were delivered to underprivileged children throughout Colorado, including some 4,200 new toys.

We at O2 hope to add to the momentum for Dolls for Daughters, which is why we’re pleased to be a drop-off spot for new toy donations. Other toy drop-off spots in the Fraser Valley area include Epic Mountain Sports and Riverside Spirits (the liquor store at the base of the Winter Park Resort). Together we hope to expand Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys to Grand County, in addition to the organization’s presence in the Front Range. All the toys we collect here will be donated to the Mountain Family Center for the benefit of underprivileged children in our community.

So this holiday season, please stop by the O2 office or one of the other drop-off locations and donate some toys (please, new toys only). We hope you’ll agree with Jessica and us when we say that every child should be able to enjoy a new toy during the holidays. Help us support Dolls for Daughters, Toys for Boys, and Kenzi’s Kidz. We hope to have all the donations collected by December 5, so please drop off donations ASAP!

To learn more about Dolls for Daughters, check out their website at

To contact us at O2, call 970-726-8021 or email [email protected]. To drop off some toys, just stop by our office at 345 Zerex Street in Fraser (across from the Shell gas station). Thanks everyone!

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O2’s ode to summer

This week marked the first snow accumulation here in the Fraser Valley. We at O2 really enjoyed seeing the changing seasons on the surrounding mountainsides. We also enjoyed the spectacular snowy fall photos that have been trending on social media. So cool to see fall and winter in the same pic!


The first snows also signaled that summer is officially over. Like, for real this time. We took a moment to reflect on what was a great summer for all of us, and reminisce about some of our favorite moments from the warmer months.

Eric and Philip both enjoyed their first summer of camping in their new RV camper. They took the camper to some of the most colorful corners of Colorado’s Favorite Playground and beyond, enjoying the glamorous style of camping (“glamping”) that the RV affords them. The whole family enjoyed camping, including their son Jacob…


…and the pugs too…


…well, maybe not so much for Sophie.


Jaryd looked back on some cool camping trips of his own, including a hike-and-camp on the 4th of July. The Fraser Valley’s fireworks looked incredible from up on the Continental Divide!


Brad, of course, enjoyed yet another summer season of fly-fishing. He also got a cool camera capable of underwater photography, which allowed him to capture some stunning images of trout. It’s also apparently proof that, yes, sometimes he actually does catch fish. Sometimes.


With that said, we’ve accepted that summer has passed, and we’re ready for the snowy season. The snowfall also got us excited for all the wonderful winter activities in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. Time to get ready for some skiing and snowboarding!


As an agency, we also realize the winter months are among the busiest of the year for local businesses, and we’ve already been preparing for it. (Remember to get your winter marketing planned today!)


So what was your favorite memory from the summer? Are you excited for another snowy winter? Which season do you like more??

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O2 on the set of a shoot

O2 Creative’s graphic designer Eric recently had the opportunity to work on a commercial shoot!


Eric served as a production assistant for the art department on the set of a commercial shoot for Blue Moon Brewing Company. The shoot took place at the nearby Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, just down the road from the O2 office in Fraser. We’re all pretty excited to have a member of team O2 on the set of a shoot.


Eric has always wanted to work on a film set, ever since his parents took him to Universal Studios as a child. When he was offered a spot on the production crew for this project, he jumped at the opportunity.

As an art production assistant, Eric’s job was to set up each scene and make sure every little thing would look good for the camera. The shoot was incredibly detail-oriented, from minute elements in the background of a scene, to the placement and appearance of each prop. For instance, the glass of beer in each scene had to have exactly one inch of head, which had to begin just above the Blue Moon logo on the glass. If the head didn’t look just right, Eric and the crew had to “fluff” it back up before taking the next shot.


Eric was one of about 25 people who worked on the set. He really enjoyed the opportunity to contribute his own creative suggestions to the director throughout the project. Each person played a unique role in the production of the commercial, and everyone functioned as part of a greater team with a unified goal. Eric’s experience working as part of a creative team at O2 better prepared him to work on the set of the shoot for Blue Moon. Working on the set also helped Eric gain new insight on how O2 can work as a creative team more efficiently on future projects.


The commercial itself offers an artistic perspective into the similarities of craftsmanship between snowboard making, woodworking, gourmet cooking, and of course, beer. The commercial will feature the rustic spaces of Devil’s Thumb Ranch, as well as the mountain scenery of Colorado’s Favorite Playground. Keep an eye out for the commercial to air soon!

Do you have any cool experiences working on a creative project? Please share your stories with us!

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O2 at Gears & Beers

We’re avid bikers at O2. We’ve even written about this before.


That’s why we’re excited for this weekend’s Gears & Beers enduro race at Granby Ranch.


We raced in the previous Gears & Beers event, which was so much fun we’re racing again tomorrow. Plus, it’s the last race of the season. Join O2 at Gears & Beers tomorrow!

O2’s Jaryd riding the cross-country trails at Granby Ranch

The race consists of three different stages. Stage 1 is an uphill climb beginning at the base of Granby Ranch, climbing up a cross-country trail (exhausting), then a downhill ride back to the base. Stage 2 involves a ride up the lift to a tough traverse across the resort’s most technical cross-country trails, with lots of riding over rocks and through narrow forests. Stage 3 is a speedy downhill sprint, which really tests your balance – and your brakes. The race is an exciting challenge and an exercise in personal endurance (hence the name “enduro” race).

Downhill Jaryd!

Of course, Gears & Beers wouldn’t be complete without…well, beers. The entry fee includes a burger and a beer after stage 3. And trust us, you earn every calorie!

The gears…and the beers.

For the mountain biking ladies, Granby Ranch is also hosting a “She-MTB” women’s bike clinic tomorrow too. All in all it stands to be yet another fun weekend of mountain biking at the Ranch, especially since the fall colors are in full effect.

Autumn aspens on the bike trails at Granby Ranch

It’s all part of the enjoyment of living in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. After a hard week’s work in the office, we love to get out and have some fun biking. Or camping. Or fishing. Or just playing with the dogs (p.s. there’s still time to vote Thumbelina for Grand Dog!)

What’s your weekend plans?

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The O2 dogs

Anyone who knows O2 knows we’re dog lovers. We’re always enjoying time with our pups, whether we’re in the office, hiking about somewhere in Colorado’s Favorite Playground, or just out for a walk around Fraser. The O2 dogs are just as much a part of the operation as Philip, Eric, Jaryd, Brad, and our newest member Cynthia too.

Wylie, Sophie, and Thumbelina are Philip and Eric’s pugs (and “bugg,” a Boston terrier-pug mix), and are also the resident O2 dogs. These lovable little pups hang out in the office, faithfully putting in the long hours with the rest of us. While team O2 is working hard, the pugs are…well, hardly working.

Nap time in the O2 office

Thumbelina is actually a burgeoning local politician. Grand County Pet Pals has an annual campaign to elect the Grand Dog of Grand County, and Thumb is a leading candidate in this year’s election. The Grand Dog campaign is actually a fundraiser to benefit Grand County Pet Pals and Advocates for a Violence-Free Community, so Thumbelina’s campaign efforts are going toward a great cause. Click here to vote for Thumb!

Vote for Thumbelina!

In addition to the pugs and buggs, there are even more cool canine friends on the O2 team. Jaryd has a dog of his own, a handsome lab-bulldog mix named Roscoe.

Roscoe Dog
Roscoe Dog

Jaryd and Roscoe are often out and about, hiking on the many trails throughout the Fraser Valley and Grand County.

Roscoe out for a hike
Roscoe out for a hike

Roscoe also loves to swim, and is never nervous about jumping into a Rocky Mountain stream or lake, no matter how cold the water might be.

Loch Ness Roscoe
Loch Ness Roscoe

Brad has even had a dog of his own around lately. This week he’s been dogsitting Kali while his friends are out of town. Kali is a basenji mix. A basenji an energetic African breed, which means Kali pretty much thinks she’s a lion.

Kali the lion dog

Kali and Roscoe quickly became best buddies too, and are always excited for a puppy play date. Of course the only photo we can find of the two playing together is this one, with Roscoe is grinning like a goofball and Kali looking like she just did something bad.

Kali and Roscoe
Bad dog Kali and goofball Roscoe

The newest member of the O2 Team, Cynthia, is a dog lover too. Though she does not yet have a dog of her own, she hopes to get one some time in the near future. Until then, maybe Philip and Eric will let her take the pugs for a walk. Just keep an eye on Wylie!

Where'd Wylie go??
Where’d Wylie go??

To meet the O2 pugs – or the O2 humans, for that matter – stop by our office some time in downtown Fraser, Colorado. To contact us, give us a call at 970-726-8021 or email [email protected]. Until then, we at O2 hope you’re enjoying the dog days of summer!

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O2 in Mountain Bike Capital USA

One of the best things about living and working in Colorado’s Favorite Playground is that Colorado’s Favorite Playground also happens to be Mountain Bike Capital USA. That means you can also find O2 in Mountain Bike Capital USA! We pride ourselves on being a bike-crazed community, and with virtually endless bike trails, bike shops, bike events and bike activities, the bike fun just keeps on coming.

Bikes are our preferred means of summertime transportation. We can often be seen pedaling around town during the warmer months, and also ride our bikes to work whenever we can. Anyone who has stopped by the O2 office lately can attest to this.

O2 in Mountain Bike Capital USA

But biking is far more to us than just a means of transportation. It’s a means of adventure! We’re always eager to explore the miles and miles of trails in our area, whether it be a chilled-out cruise on the Fraser River Trail, or a rambunctious ride on rugged mountain trails.


Part of working in Mountain Bike Capital USA means we also get the opportunity to market Mountain Bike Capital USA. We’ve been working closely with the Winter Park & Fraser Chamber of Commerce to develop Mountain Bike Capital USA’s Facebook and Twitter pages (<–click to like/follow!) Check ’em out on social media to get the scoop on all things Mountain Bike Capital USA: news and events, bike park updates, area trail info, and more.

We’ve also had the privilege to promote Granby Ranch’s downhill mountain bike park, which is quite the thrill indeed. No really, if you haven’t tried downhill biking, try it…SUCH a rush!


Members of the O2 team also plan to be out and about at the Colorado Freeride Festival, this weekend at the Trestle Bike Park. The festival features some of the world’s most talented mountain bike athletes, so you bet we’re going to check it out.

Photo credit: Colorado Freeride Festival on Facebook

So if you see O2 in Mountain Bike Capital USA, don’t be a stranger! Come say hi if you see us at the downhill bike parks, or give us a wave if you see us cruising along a trail. Happy pedaling from O2!

To contact us at O2 Creative, give us a call at 970-726-8021 or email [email protected].

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Photography tips from O2

At O2, we take a lot of photographs. Photos of work, photos of wildlife, photos of sunsets and flowers and other pretty stuff too. While out getting some photos the other day we briefly discussed photography tips and tricks that have worked for us. We figured some of our fellow photographers might be interested in the discussion, so we thought it’d be fun to share some photography tips in this week’s blog post.

Sunset photos are all about timing the light just right. The same can be said about many other photography subjects.

Here are just a few quick ones:

–       Experiment with angles. Consider every little thing that will be in the frame of a photo – foreground, background, the angle of the subject, the angle of the camera, the angle of lighting or shading, and countless other factors that can affect your finished photo product.

–       Consider the lighting of your photo. Most of the time you’ll want the subject of your photo to be as well lit as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with certain backlighting, shadows, and other lighting schemes. Yet another element of lighting is…

–       Flash photography. Your camera’s flash can be a useful tool in the right opportunity, allowing you to capture a photo when the situation may otherwise be too dark or too backlit. Don’t overdo it though, as flash can also wash out the subject of the photo.

–       Take multiple photos. Sometimes you can take 5 photos of the same thing from the same spot, and for one reason or another, one of the photos will be better than all the others. This is especially true once you get home and upload or develop, and you’ll often be surprised by the look of the finished photo, so it’s worth having multiple takes.

–       Be patient. Photography is all about capturing the image of the fleeting moment. Sometimes a photographer must wait for the lighting and the timing and other factors to be just right. Patiently waiting for the right moment can be the difference between a good photo and a great one.

–       No really, be VERY patient! Patience is especially important when photographing subjects such as sunsets, wildlife, or anything else that is notorious for not sitting still. For instance, simply waiting for the sun to come back out from behind a cloud can make all the difference.



Photography tips from O2: experimenting with lighting, angles, and other details can create remarkably different photos, even of the same subject.

–       Stay steady. A blurry photo usually isn’t a good photo, so try to keep the camera as still and steady as possible. Using a tripod or steadying your camera against a fixed object can help toward achieving clearer crisper photos.

–       Know your camera. No two cameras are exactly alike. Be familiar with the shutter speed, buttons, settings, film or memory capacity, and every other factor to your camera. Though they tend to be more user-friendly (or is it user-friendlier?), these factors can even apply to camera phones.

–       Be ready. If you hope to get good photos, have your camera – as well as your eye for photography – ready at a moment’s notice! This may seem obvious, but often when you’re out in the field, it’s easy to lose focus on photography. If you aren’t prepared to snap a shot, you aren’t going to get the photos you want.

These are just a few basic photography tips, all casually discussed while out in the field with camera in hand. There’s virtually endless little tricks and tweaks when it comes to photography though. The main point of it all is the opportunity to get CREATIVE! If you have any cool photography tips you’d like to share with us – or for that matter, any cool photos you’d like to share – please do!

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O2 around the campsite

You probably already know us O2 guys as the adventuresome mountain types. We’re often out and about in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. Especially in the summer months, you can find us fishing, or rafting, or even longboarding. But did you know we also love to get out camping as well?


Yup, that’s right. We’ve been out camping a lot lately, and with several weeks of summer still ahead of us, we hope to get out even more. Philip and Eric recently got a sweet new camper as well, which brings a whole new dimension to the camping experience. Actually, Philip and Eric affectionately refer to their camping style as glamour camping, or “glamping,” if you will.


Of course, when Philip and Eric go camping, they bring the whole family along. Jacob loves to explore the campsites!


Even the pugs and buggs come camping too.


You know the adorable puppy and Grand Dog candidate, Thumbelina…


…and Wylie, who enjoys the quality time relaxing by the campfire…


…and Sophie too. Though sadly, Sophie isn’t always the happiest camper…


Brad likes camping as well, and enjoys backpacking into some secluded backcountry campsites around Colorado. Indeed, Brad can carry an entire campsite’s worth of ultralight equipment on his back.


(Oh, and remember Brad’s late-season backpacking trip last autumn?)


Jaryd likes to camp too. He particularly enjoys getting off the beaten path to find some room to roam with his dog Roscoe.


All in all, camping is part of the fun of living in Colorado’s Favorite Playground. If you have any good camping stories of your own, please feel free to share! Get in touch with us at O2!

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