Visit Winter Park Colorado


The Online Magazine Visit Winter Park was founded and created by O2 Creative to achieve two primary objectives. The first was to provide visitors with authentic online information in order to encourage them to visit Winter Park and plan their stay. The second objective was to provide affordable promotional opportunities online, so local businesses could stretch their marketing efforts and expand their reach.


As the company behind Visit Winter Park, team O2 Creative developed the business plan, marketing strategy, branding, website, social media accounts, and business collateral. We developed sales sheets, branded stickers, business cards, written content, and more. Since its launch in July 2015, Visit Winter Park has attracted nearly 50,000 visitors to the website, and has an organic social media reach of just over 70,000 each month.


“Both the branding and website have proven to be crucial for the early success of Visit Winter Park. Our strong branding has allowed us to become easily identified by locals and visitors alike. Our clean and striking website has been a great place for users to quickly find the information they need to plan their stay, and connect with our advertisers. This business would not have taken off as well as it has without such strategic branding and such a strong web presence.”

-Philip Vandernail
Owner & Account Director of O2 Creative