The Peak Bistro & Brewery


Located in Downtown Winter Park, The Peak Bistro & Brewery successfully combines great food with awesome beer that they brew in-house. From delicious upscale brewpub items, to happy hour bargains, The Peak’s menu has something for everyone and every budget.


Having purchased a favorite local restaurant, the new owners needed to change the name and develop strong branding that the community would embrace. The name they were interested in was, “Byers Peak Bistro & Brewery”, but our team encouraged them to consider focusing on “The Peak” to simplify and more quickly develop brand recognition among consumers. The colors gold and black were selected to reflect the feel of a bistro, yet easily transfer to a tasteful sports bar. Two separate yet complimentary logos were developed to represent the restaurant and the brewery. Today, The Peak is a bustling business providing excellent beer, food, and service to hundreds of patrons every night.