A year in the new O2 office

It’s officially been a year in the new O2 office. (A whole year? Where does the time go?!)

If you recall, a year ago we moved from the little cabin office on the one end of Eisenhower…

O2's old cabin office
The old cabin office, pictured here with our old logo on the building (the new logo sign is actually in the window)

…to the bigger corner office on the other end.

Inside the new O2 office

So far, the new office has been everything we hoped for. It’s bigger, which gives us more space for creative projects and meetings with clients. It’s more comfortable, with our large meeting table and lounge area complete with couch. The corner location has also yielded us more walk-in traffic. The office’s interior is more colorful too, with our office walls painted the standard-issue O2 green.

The office has served us well over the seasons. We made it through the Rocky Mountain winter, though not without plenty of icicles.


Summer has been a different story. To stay cool, we’ve kept our door and windows open during the warmer months. However, whenever a breeze blows through the office, the ceiling tiles and light panels will move and shift with the wind. It’s quite a strange occurrence…especially when one of the lights fell!

The office was prone to getting toasty, especially during June and July. At one point Philip and Eric brought in a small air conditioning unit, which kept things a little cooler. Brad nicknamed the air conditioner R2D2, though we’re not sure why.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

The office even endured a lightning strike recently. While quietly working one day we were interrupted by a deafening BOOM, which instantaneously took out the power in the office, and also took out the office printer. No worries though – we were back up and running by the next business day.

Overall, the first year in our new office has been great for us. Everyone has enjoyed the space, particularly the pugs, who especially like lounging on the couch.


Here’s to many more years to come!

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