A blog about blogs: how blogs help businesses

We know what you may be thinking – (wait, wait, wait…you’re trying to write a blog about blogs? Isn’t that, like, trying to make a doughnut-flavored doughnut or something?) But bear with us here for the next 300-500 words…we just want to write this blog post about how blog posts can help to build your business…

Blog about blogsNow, maybe you’re thinking, why should I use a blog for my business? Actually, blogging is great for business. It’s a good way to communicate with customers and other businesses. It’s great for developing an identity for your business. And it’s good for boosting your overall web presence, which in turn boosts your overall market presence.

Blogs connect you to your market, allowing you to show your customers and business partners what you’ve been up to. You can share relevant information about your business and also allow for comments and conversations between you and your audience. Not only can you share your own ideas with your market, but you’ll also get ideas in return when customers and partners comment on your posts. Blogs also allow for better discussion and communication of topics that may be a little too in-depth to cover with a simple advertisement or Facebook post.

Stories, photos, and other content in blogs all help to illustrate who you are as a business. With blogs, your business is given a voice, a personality, a human element. When you can communicate with a blog you can use your own personal voice to express professional topics. This allows your customers to better relate to you, which will subsequently help you better understand your customers.

Besides, even with professional blogs, not every single post has to be professional. Sometimes it’s good just to post on topics that showcase the personality of your business – just look at some of our fun culture posts, like the one on fishing. Or camping. Or even puppies! (Yup, that’s totally a pug sticking her tongue out at you.)

Pugs Walkin

Blogs also do a lot to bolster your online presence. Good blog posts are quality online content that helps to generate traffic and hits for your site. They’re also great for search engine optimization – all that relevant content helps search engines find you online, in turn helping new and potential customers find you when they search for information in your area of business.

Blog posts are always there for your customers to read and share, which can increase your market reach. In these ways and more, blogs help increase your overall market presence. And, best of all, blogs can actually be enjoyable! They’re a fun way for a business to express itself to a market.

Of course, effective blogging can be time-consuming, which is why we offer blogging services and consulting to clients. We can help you develop your online voice, and help you use blogging as a marketing tool to build your business. Contact us today for more info on how blogs help businesses!

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