Is Print Dead? 4 reasons to use print media

Is Print Dead?

Folks often ask us, “is marketing with print media even worth it any more?” It’s not a bad question, considering all the advances in digital media these days. But at the same time, we always answer the question with an emphatic “YES!”

No really! Print media actually still has plenty of benefits both old and new. Here are 4 of our favorite reasons why you should still be using print media to market your business:

O2-designed bowling posters for The Foundry – a great way to promote the tourney to their guests!

1. Print ads are effective for target marketing. Placing your ads in special interest publications helps you to reach niche audiences that can otherwise be difficult to target. Printed ads such as posters and banners are also a great way to reach your audience in public places and at special events, which leads to our second point…

2. Print media is tangible. Business cards, brochures, and other print media give customers something to take with them. Print media also has a long shelf life. While online ads can come and go in just a click, your audience tends to keep magazines and other print publications around the home or office for much longer.

A quick montage of O2-designed business cards…print media FTW!

3. Print media gives you credibility. To some folks, online popup ads and banners can come across as a spammy nuisance. However, if you have a handsome business card or other print media to give them, it makes you look like a legitimate businessperson.

4. As businesses use online advertising more, and print media less, this can be an opportunity for you! If certain print mediums are less cluttered with ads, this gives you the chance for your ad to really stand out.

These are just four reasons, in a nutshell. Of course we could go on and on, but we’ll again try to keep this a blog post and not a novel. And of course, digital media definitely has its advantages as well (perhaps that’ll be a future blog post, who knows!) We recommend a good strategic mix of both digital and print media to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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